Monday, January 25, 2016

DELUSIONS: disease,has incurable 

From the Repertory of J.T.KENT:

DELUSIONS: disease,has incurable : Arg-n.cact., chel., plb.,sabad.

Arg-n :Time seems to pass very slowly. So the patient think the treatment procedure so so lenthy, in this situation the patient have a delusion state as (disese, has incurable). 

Cact:Fear of death, belief that his disease is incurable.

Chel:Restlessness and uneasiness of conscience; felt she had committed the unpardonable sin. So all mighty ALLAH give him or her panisment, so he cant become cure. 

Plb:Dread of assassination, poisoning; thinks every one about him a murderer. So his physician give him something(remedy), not for cure. Only for poisoned him. So he become poisoned not cure. 

sabad:Delusions of the imagination with respect to oneself; the body seems to be collapsed, like that of a corpse, the stomach to be eaten away, &c.Imaginary diseases. So he think he have some imaginary disease, which is unrecognized by everyone, so nobody can't cure him. 

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