Saturday, December 26, 2015

Syphilis Miasma part 1

" The second chronic miasma, which is more widely spread than the figwart disease, and which for three and a half(now four) centuries has been the source of many others chronic ailments, is the miasm of the general disease proper, the changed disease ( syphilis). This disease only causes difficulties in its cure, if it is entangled(complicated) with a Psora that has been already far developed- with sycosis it is complicated but rarely, but then usually at the same time with pasora."

               - Dr C.F.S. Hahnemann

SIMPLE DISCUSSION: According to DR. C. F. S. Hahnemann's concept- in the history of human civilization the miasmatic evolutions may occur, first Psora and then second Chancer disease( syphilis).
Syphilis may developed it's functions in Hunan civilization after Psora and before figwart disease( sycosis).

Due to it's natural event ( rapidly destruction) the chancer disease spread out over all the world rapidly in a short duration of time, then figwart disease( sycosis), because it's slow in nature. Maybe or may not be after psora the next 2 miasm starts their journey in a equal period of time with Human civilization. But the chancer disease become second against figwart disease by it's rapidly development overall the human civilization.

The miasm is not a matter as like as sugar and water, so they can't mixed each others. Sometimes with a ( active developed psoric phase )patient conditions, the syphilis can make it's wide and deeply development in this individual.
Before activation of syphilitic dyscrasia, the ancient Psora can make a suitable soil for easily development of syphilitic dyscrasia.
So after development of syphilis with an active psoric phase, the total entangled ( complicated) phase become so difficulty for understanding with us.

Miasm is nothing but a deranged state of vital force. Which can make negative susceptibility( susceptible to any external influence which harmful for the individual or the Human civilization).We say them fundamental miasm, which can spread out( the deranged state of vital force) it man to man, civilization to civilization.

By the way, some time the syphilitic dayscrasia may  complicate with sycotic stigmata. Without psoric influence only syphilitic dyscrasia can't complicated with sycotic stigmata. Psora give event for developing them( syplhis & sycosis). This conditions was rarely present in Hahnemann's time, but available in modern time.

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