Thursday, April 25, 2013

Repertory of biochemic system of medicine for rubric of alternating with

1.Absess-ferrum phos+kali mure
2.Aneurism-ferrum phos+cal flure
3.Angina-ferrum phos +mag phos
4.Aphonia-kali mure+kali sulp
a.kali mure+kali phos
b.natrum mure+kali  phos flure+kali  phos
6.Albuminuria-cal phos+kali sulp
7.Arthritis-kali mure+ferrum phos
8.Brain-kali phos+kali mure
a.kali mure+ferrum phos
b.kali sulp+ferr phos
10.Burn and scalds-
a.ferrum phos+kali mure sulp+natrum mure
11.Carboncle-kali mure+ferrum phos
12.Chickenpox-ferrum phos+kali sulp
a.ferrum phos+kali mure
b.kali phos+kali mure
14.Conjunctivitis-kali mure +kali sulp
15.Cardiac palpitation-ferrum phos+kali phos
16.Circulatory disfunction-kali mure +ferrum phos
a.General-kali mure +ferrum phos
b.Nevous-kali phos+ferrum phos
c.Blood poisoning-kali sulp+ferrum phos
d.Hay fever-nat mure+ferrum phos
e.Pureperal fever-ferrum phod+kali phos
18.Dysentry-ferrum phos+kali mure
19.Dysmenorrhoea-kali phos+ferrum phos
20.Epilepsy-natrum phos+kali mure
21.Enlargement of joint-cal flure+natrum sulp
22.Gall stone-natrum sulp+cal sulp
a.ferrum phos+kali mure
b.natrum mure+cal phos
24.Gout-natrum sulp+ferrum phos
25.Hemorrhoid-kali mure / kalisulp/natrum sulp/kali phos+cal flure
26.Hip joint disease-cal sulp+ferrum phos
27.Horseness-kali mure +kali sulp
28.Hydrocele-natrum sulp+natrum mure
29.Hysteria-natrum mure+kali sulp
30.Influenza-kali sulp+ferrum phos
31.Leuchoeehea-kali phos+natrum mure
32.Lambago-ferrum phos=others
33.Meningitis-ferrum phos+kali mure
34.Mumps-kali mure+ferrum phos
35.Peritonitis-kali mure+ferrum phos
36.Pneumonia-kali mure/kali sulp+ferrum phos
37.Quick puls-ferrum phos+kali sulp
38.Rheumatism-cal phos+ferrum phos
39.Scrofulous-cal flure+kali mure
40.Sciatica with gout-natrum sulp+kali phos
41Sleeplessness-ferrum phos+kali phos
42.T B-natrum mure+ferrum phos
a.Fevrile condition-kali phos+ferrum phos
b.Costiveness-kali mure+kali phos
c.Sleeplessness-natrum mure+kali phos
44.thread worm-kali mure=natrum phos
45.Uterine hypertrophy-cal flure+kali mure

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