Wednesday, April 17, 2013


In theh history of the indian subcontinent when the modern medicale support absent the anchient civilization become dependent on nature.They use natural herbs for protect disease.Some of them we use naturaly as a food in modern time,During any medical treatment when the patient use following food the physical recovery improve rapidly.
1.abrus precatorius-as a vegetable.
2.allium cepa-as a spice.

3.allium sativum-as a spice or raw.

4.asparagus racemosua-raw roots.

5.benincasa  hispida-as a vegetable.
6.cicur arientinum-sead.
7.citrullus lnatus-fruits.
8.cariandrum sativum-seads as a spice and total harbs as a raw food.
9.dioscorea bulbifera-as a vegetable.

10.feronia linomia-fruits.
11.ficus religiosa-as a vegetable.
12.ipomoea batatus-boild roots.
13.lablab purpureus-as a vegetable.
14.saccharum officinarum-juice of the tree.
15.sesamum indicum-seads oil.
16.trigonella foenum-graecum-
17.withania somnifera-mediicated extrct.

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