Monday, March 28, 2016

The miasma of the mind of aconite nap

Miasma of mind of Aconite nap

Great agitation and tossing of the body with anguish, inconsolable irritability, cries, tears, groans, complaints, and reproaches.(psoric)
─Sensitive irritability.(psoro-tuber)
─Fearful anticipations of approaching death; predicts the day he is to die.(psoro-syco)
─Sadness.(psoro- sycotic)
─Presentiments, as if in a state of clairvoyance.(psoric)
─Anthropophobia and misanthropy; has no affection for anybody.(psoro- sycotic)
─A strong disposition to be angry, to be frightened, and to quarrel.(syco- syphi)
─The least noise, even music, appears insupportable.(psoro- tuber)
─Humour changeable; at one time sad, depressed, irritable, and despairing; at another time gay, excited, full of hope, and disposed to sing and dance.(tubercular diathesis)
─Vexed at trifles; takes every joke in bad part.(sycotic)
─Dislike to talk; answers laconically.(syphi-syco)
─Alternate paroxysms of laughter and tears.(tubercular)
─Great, inconsolable anxiety.(psoric)
─Anxiety respecting one's malady, and despair of a cure.(psoric)
─Fear of spectres.(psoric)
─Fear of the dark.(syphilitic)
─Mind, as it were, paralysed, with incapability of reflection, and a sensation as if all the intellectual functions were performed in the region of the stomach.(syphilitic)
─Unsteadiness of ideas.(tubercular)
─In the delirium is unhappiness, worry, despair and raving, with expression of fear upon the countenance; but there is rarely unconsciousness.(psora)
─Delirium, chiefly at night; with ecstasy.(syphilitic)
─Weakness of memory.(psoric)
─Ailments from fear, fright, vexation.(all miasmaz but psoric in prominent)

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