Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Vital character of Sycotic miasma

Sycotic miasma-
1. Develops catarrhal discharge.
2.oily skin with thickly oozing and copious perspiration.
3. Hyper- any types of hyper conditions of metabolism or cellular function.
4. Physical restlessness.
5. Any types Purulent secretions. With fish like odour.
5. Produced in coordination- everywhere in the body & mind.
6. Rheumatic & gouty constitution.
7.Lithic,uric acid& proliferative diathesis.
8.Deposition in cells & tissues.
9. Extremely slow- mentally, physically,disease & cure.
10. Excess of water in tissues (Hydrogenoid).
11. Suspicious and jealousy, it has the tendency  to harm others, even animal( psychologically)
12. All types of mania( rubrics- sensation as if/ Delusion) are sycotic.
13. They can't find the right.
14. The sycotic patients tries to hurt others emotionaly.
15. Fear of making mistakes.
16. Abaentmindness and abstraction of mind.
17. A lack of self confidence.

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