Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Feelings of live alone without help.

Cross references:

2.Confidence want / self assurance - Lack of confidence, for make social interaction. The act of assuring; a declaration tending to inspire full confidence; that which is designed to give confidence.

3.Company desire - A group of individuals with a common purpose.

4.Isolation - chiefly uncountable the state of being isolated, detached or separation.


6.Always alon: she is - sensation as if.

7. Graveyard: alone in a -sensation as if.

8. Wilderness: alone in a - sensation as if.

9. World, alone in the -sensation as if.

10. Unfit for, he is - sensation as if.

11. Confidence in him; his friends have lost all -sensation as if.

12.Confusion; others will absurd her -sensation as if.

13.Criminal he is a -sensation as if.

14.Criticized, she is -sensation as if.

15. Danger, impression of -sensation as if

16. Every, disease he has -sensation as if

17. Unrecognised disease, he has an -sensation as if

18. Enemy, everyone is an -sensation as if.

19. Family, dose not belong to her own -sensation as if.

20. Friend, affection of ; has lost he -sensation as if.

21. Loss of friend: she is about to -sensation as if.

22. Friendless he is- sensation as if.

23. Help, calling for - sensation as if.

24. Away from home, he is -sensation as if.

25. Husband, he is not her - sensation as if.

26. He or she is neglected - sensation as if.

27. Outcast, she were an -sensation as if

28. He is persecuted- sensation as if

29. Poor, he is- sensation as if

30. Reproach, he has neglected his duty and deserves- sensation as if

31. Repudiated; he is: relative by his- sensation as if

32.Right doing nothing right,he is- sensation as if

33. World from the; he is separated -sensation as if

34.Succeed, he does everything wrong: he can't -sensation as if

35. Faithless wife is- sensation as if

36. Run away from him; wife will -sensation as if

37. Done wrong: he has -sensation as if

Contradictory rubrics:

1.Irresolution- lack of resolution, lack of decision or purpose.
Frightened afraid, suffering from fear.

2.Restlessness - the state or condition of being restless; an inability to be still, quite, at peace or comfortable.

3.Anxiety - an unpleasant state of mental uneasiness, nervousness, apprehension & obsession or concern about some uncertain event.

4.Fear - a strong, uncontrollable, unpleasant emotions, caused by actual or perceived danger or threat.

5.Excitement - the state of being excited, emotionally aroused.

6.Impatience - lacking patience, restlessness and intolerance of delays.

7.Anguish - extreme pain, either of body or mind.

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