Saturday, April 20, 2013

control haemorrhoids with food

Inthe history of the indian subcontinent when the modern medical support absent the anchint civilization become dependent on nature. they use some herbs for protect disease.some of them we use naturaly as a food in modern time.during any medical treatment when the patient use following food the physical recovery improve rapidly.
1.Allium sativum-As a spice.
2.Aloe barbadensis-Raw juce of the plant.
3.Aloe indica-Raw juice of the the plat.
4.Amaranthus aspinosus-As a vegetable.
5.Amaranthus viridis-As a vegetable.
6.Amorohophallus campanulatus-As a vegetable.
7..Averrhoa bilimbi-Fruits.
8.Averrhoa carambola-Fruits.
9.Cajanus cajan-As a bean.
10.Carica papaya-As a vegetable.
11.Chenopodium album-As a vegetable.
12.Cynodon dactilon-Raw juice of the herbs.
13.Daucas carota-Roots.
14.Dioscorea alata-As a vegetable.
15.Dioscorea bulbifera-As a vegetable.
16.Ficus racemosa-Fruits as a vegetable.
17.Luffa acutangula-Fruits as a vegetable.
18.Luffa cylindrica-Fruits as a vegetable.
19.Mangifera indica-Raw fruits.
20.Momordica charantea-Fruits as a vegetable.
21.Nymphoea nouchalli-Sting as a vegetable.
22.Ocimum basilicum-Raw juice of plants..
23.Paederia foetida-Boield extract of the plants.
24.Phyllanthus emblica-Raw fruits.
25.Piper nigrum-As a spice.
26.Pongamia pinnata-Raw fruits.
27.Sesamum indicum-Oil.
28.Terminalia bellirica-Aquatic extract of dried fruits.
29.Terminalia chebula-Aquatic extract of dried fruits.

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