Thursday, April 18, 2013

control constipation with food

In the history of the indian subcontinent when the modern medical support absent the anchient civilization become dependent on nature. They use natural herbs for protect disease.Some of them we use naturaly as a food in modern time.During any medical treatment when the patient use following food the physical recovery improve rapidly.
1.Aegle marmelus-fruit juice.

2.Aloe barbadensis-extract of plant.
3.aloe indica-extract of plant.
4.basella alba-as a vegetable.
5.benincusa hispida-as a vegetable.
6.carica papaya-as a vegetable or raw.

7.musa paradisiaca-fruits.

8.ocimum basilicum-extract of plant.
9.piper nigrum-as a spice.
10.ricinus communis-as a vegetable.
11.terminalia chebula-aquatic extract of dried fruits.

12.zingiber officinale-as aspice or raw with tea.

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