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ACNE VULGARIS is a chroic iflammatory disease of the pilosebaceous follicle characterized by comedo,papule,pastule cyst  and nodule formation which occurs at the site of predilection specialy face,upper trunk and upper arm.

1.Increase influence of sebotrophic hormones,such as ANDROGENS and PROGESTROGENS.
2.Elevated sebum excretion.
3.MICROBS-propionibacterium acness.
4.Occlution or blockage of pilosebaceous unit.
5.Maternal hormones effects on the infants in infantile acne.

6.Tars,chlorinated hydrocarbon or oily cosmetics.
7.Polycystic ovarian syndrome.
8.Menstural irregularity.
9.AGE-adolescent up to 20-22

Due to the following syptoms SYCOTIC DYSCRASIAIS is a main background-
1oily skin
2.Small redish,flat,vesicular eruption,which do not heal first and recur during the menstrual period.
3.Hyperor de pigmentation occurs.
4.Endocrinal imbalance.
But when the acne hard,ulceration with pus and bleeding occures it may due to the syphilitic stigmata.
and when the acne are small,painfull and recurrent with bleeding, it may due to tubercular in background.
On the other hand in psoric condition acne is dry,dirty,harsh appearance of skin.itching occurs without pus or discharge.
1.White ad black comedone evident.
2.Lesio are usually limited to face,upper chest,back ad shoulder.
3.Seborrhoea is often present.
4.Inflammatory papule,nodule,cyst occurs.
5.Conglobate type is severe.
6.Fulminans are conglobate type associated with fever,joint pain.
1.Post inflammatory pigmentation.
2.Atrophic or hypertrophic scar.

3.Chronic abscess.
4.Pyoderma fasciole.
5.Rhinophyma,hypertrophid swelling of the nose.
1.Alostonia scholaris-Dry gum of the tree for external use only,becarefull its a burning agent.
2.Azadirecta indica-Seeds extract for external use only,easy to use.
3.Calotropis gigentica-Leafr for external use only,be carefull its a burning agent.
4.Cyodon dactylon-Extract of harbs for external use only,easy to use.
5.Basella alba-Leafe and harbs extract for external use.easy to use.

1.Arnica montaina-For summer wors external lotion.
2.Bellis peri-External and internal use
3.Berberis aqui-External and iteral use.
4.Calandulla off-External use.
5.Cynodon dacty-External and internal use .
6.Echinasia ang-Exteral  and internal use.
7.Hydrocotyle a-External and internal use
8.Myristica s-External and internal use
9.Sabal s-Internal use.

1.Calcaria phos-Acne at age of puberty.Acne rosacea.Acne with itching.
2.Ferrum phos-First stage of inflammation with fever.
3.Kali mure-Secound stage of inflammation.acne with thick white contents.
4.Silicia-Third stage of inflammation.
5.Cal sulp-4th stage of inflammation.mattery acne on face.Acne at age of puberty.Acne under beard.
6.Nat phos-Acne all over the body.
1.ANTIM C-Yellow crusted,vesicles and pustules.
2.ANTIM S A-Pustular acne.
3.ANTIM T-Pustules,leaving ugly blue red scars.
4.ARSENIC A-Black dots acne,violent burning.
5.ARSE BRO-Acne rosesia with violent papules on nose,wors in spring in young peopls.
6.ARS IOD-Hard indurated base acne with pustule at apex.
7.AST R-Acne,pimple on side at nose,chin,and mouth,at adolescence.black tipped puncta,small red base.
8.BELL-Acne rosacea.
9.BELLIS P-Acne red papules and blisters.
10.BERBE A-Acne,blotches and pimples with dry rough scaly skin.
11.BOVISTA-Worse in summer due to cosmatics.pimple cover the entire body.
12.CAL PIC-Recurring of chronic status.
13.CAL SILI-Acne with liver spot on face.
14.CAL S-Pustular acne.
15.CARB A-Burning,itching vesicles and pustules.
16.CARBO A-Large number of acne.
17.CICUTA V-Pustules which run together formimg thick,yellow scalds on face and hand with burning pain.
18.COBAL-Pimple and acne about buttock,chin,hairy sculp.
19.ECHIN A-Fine eruption on forehead and cheeks.small red pimples recurring.
20.EUG J-Painful sensitivity of their circumterence.
21.GRANAT-Sensation as if the pimple would break out.
22.HEP S C-In youth,suppurate with prickly pain,bleed easily.
23.HYDRO A-No ulceration.
24.JUGLAN R-Comedones and acne of the face.itching small red eruption in face, neck,shoulder and back.
25.KALI B-Acne on face in young fleshy people.indurated,bluish red pustular worse on face and chest.
26.KALI BI-Acne,pustules with black apices.
27.KALI I-Acne rosacea,small boils,leaving scars.
28.KALI M-Vesicle containing thick,white contents.
29.LAPPA A-Inveterate acne,worse tough.spreading vesicular eruption.
30.LEDUM P-Red pimple on forehead and cheeks,sticking pain there in.
31.SABAL S-Papular eruption on face.
32.NAT M-Oily,shiny,red and inflamed worse eating salt.
33.NUX V-Pimple from excessive use of liquors.
34.OLEANDER-Itching,scurfy pimples.
35.PHOS A-Acne from onanism.blood boils.
36.PULSA N-Acne in young girls.
37.RADIUM B-Acne rosasea.small pimples itching,burning,swelling and redness.
38.SELENIUM-Comedones with an oily surface of the skin.
39.SEP-Acne wors before menses,rosacea.
42.SULP-Acne,pustules cracks.
43.SULP I-Suppurative acne

1.Anthrax-Induraied vesicular inflammation.intensive burning pain.irritating and foetid secretion.juvenile acne which persists for long time.
2.Bacil-Some smallbutton likeeruptiononleft check.juvenile acne,which persistsfor long time.
3.B morgan-Papulopustular eruptions on the face,wors by heat,by washing.Canot bear the touch of linen on the skin.sensitive in the sun.
4.Carcino-Acne of the face.
5.Sycotic b-Acne rosacea.Vasicular eruption on checks.oily skin.
6.Staphylococcinum-Falicular pustule.Purpura vesicles,pustular.
6.Tuber-Acne and comedon on skin.
7.Variolinum--Varioliform eruptions of red round .Which transform into papulae and then become papulo vesicular

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