Saturday, February 13, 2016

Theorem of LUCKY 7 for Lunar phase

Lunaric phase is important in prana remedy. As like as the planetarium relation with hours,days,months and year of age. The lunatic phase have relation with planet.
Theorem of LUCKY 7 for Lunar phase:
There have 4  Lunar phase per Lunatic month(28days)

7× 4=28 days
4 Lunar cycles in every month.
Every month of lunatic colander there have 4 active planetariums phase.

1. New moon
2. First quarter
3. Last quarter
4. Full moon
There have Zodiac influence to human body of Luna. every day of lunatic colander, cyclically zodiac sign may active by the influence of phase of Luna.

They may show variation month to month, due to planetarium influence.
Next articles on: The planetariums mind and Zodiac sign (nature of mind of individual, by the influence of planet.

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