Monday, February 22, 2016

Disorder of planet Sun of prana remedy

Our physiological function of body make develop its functions, nature and constitution by the influence of all 7 planet. They can make disorder with there target organs. We can easily fiend out the disease. Please first identify the planet of the individual, according to his/ her birth.

Miasma: All miasm, but prominent in (psoro- sycotic)
1. Heart disease
2. Allergy
3. Chill
4. Circulation disorder
5. Dermatitis
6. Eye diseases
7. Fever
8. Hay fever
9. Heart attack
10. Heateroke
11. Hot flash
12. Inflammation
13. Photophobia
14. Radiation poisoning
15. Skin rashes
16. Skin cancer
17. Stroke
18. Vision problems
19. Vitality

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