Monday, January 25, 2016

Sycosis- it's cause in modern life.

1. Suspicious & jealousy - constant stay in the environment with suspicious & jealous in family, society, school & professional area. Prolong stress with suspiciousness & jealousness,  the patient body become in a state of sycotic stigmata.

2. Maltreatment/malselection or abuse of homoeopathic remedy -
A. Abuse of deep anti sycotic remedy, such as- Thuja occidentalis, medorrhenum, natrum sulp etc. By eligal use them they can make artificial sycotic drug miasma in human body, which is so complicated.

B. Abuse of all sarcodes remedy, such as - Thyroidinum,  pituitarinum,  oophorinum, testis, adrenalin etc. They can make convert to sycotic stigmata in human body, by make imbalance in the hormonal function.

C. Some other homoeopathic drugs, which can make influence directly to the hormonal level of the human body. Such as- Iodium, conium maculatum, thuja occidentalis, lycopodium clavatam etc.

3. Vaccination.

4. Maltreatment of malarial condition.

5. Hormonal prophylaxis- for therapeutical or conception purpose.

6. Naturally abort of any discharge- it can make complicated the sycotic stigma to simple to deeper.

7. Overuse of some foods - some food which can make sycotic stigma to complicate or can give influence for make its active phase from latant stage, such as- table salt, cauliflower etc.

8. Cosmetics & beautification - it can give influence to sycotic stiga to go to more complicated by reduce any sycotic sign of skin,  like as mole, discoloured spots,  warts etc. By lesser surgery or any cosmetics.

9. Maltreatment of N Gonorrhoea.

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