Sunday, January 24, 2016

FEAR, injured, of being

 From the repertory of J. T. Kent: FEAR, injured, of being : Calad., cann-i., hyos.,Stram.stry.

Background symptoms from materia medica:

Calad- Apprehensive; careful about his health.

cann-i- Constant fear of becoming insane.Fear of approaching death. 

 hyos Fear of being betrayed or poisoned.

 Stram-Fear: of losing his senses; that his lips will grow together; that he will suffocate; of failing; of everything falling on her.

 stry- Delirium: like that of hydrophobia; like delirium tremens; frightened; shrinks from persons; from currents of air.Shouted out, "They are coming for me!".

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