Sunday, December 20, 2015

Susceptibility - part 2

"The precondition of susceptibility to disease is generally caused by underlying Psora and without this susceptibility  the disease can't exist. Therefore, a person free from Psora is non - susceptible and even if affected with syphilis  for example, can't fall prey to the presence of the bacteria in their system. However, where underlying Psora exist in a constitution there will always be a suitable environment for the miasmatic influences from the syphilitic bacteria to infect and manifest."
                                -Dr.Subrata Kumar Banerjea , Miasmatic  prescribing, page no-9, First edition-2001, Allen college of Homoeopathy,382 Baddow road, Great Baddow,Chelmsford,Essex CM2 9RA,England.

Miasms can make an event, a situation, a state, a condition where the vital principal become deranged in it's normal functions, due to decrease it's dynamic frequency power.
Disease may occur according to the nature of decrease frequency of vital principal.
Similar type (as like as deceased frequency of the vital
) of dynamic disease forces can influxes & can make disease in the body. The vital principal try to fulfill the lacking state of frequency level with the help of any external similar type of frequency. In this situation disease many occur, disease forces easily can influxes in the body.

Without matter there is no existence of energy. The natural laws of energy is- ' Superior energy may give influx flow similar lower energy.
Example: when you apply 2 dynamic energy like as X- ray and Gama Ray in a Media at a time in a separate in power volume. They transfer the Media separately at a time but can't make increase force each others without increase of source of volume.

On the other hands when you apply 2 X- ray frequency in a media at a time in a separate in power volume, they transfer the media conjointly with increase it's frequency.
So, equal frequency can influxes equally with increase in power but separate frequency can't influxes equally, they influxes separately.

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