Monday, December 28, 2015

Phosphoricum acidum, mind

"1.stupor is that the patient is easily aroused and than is fully conscious.
2. The mind is confused; thought can't be connected; thinking make he dizzy.
3. Sensation as if the feet were rising until he stood on his head.
4. Odour take away of his breath.
5.When reading a thousand others thoughts came into his head, and he could not rightly comprehend anything; what he read become dark in his head, and he immediately forgot all; what he had long known he could only recall with difficulty, Such States of mind and the sense are frequently observed in those under the influence of grief and other depressing emotions; from over study. Can't connect his thought.
6.Anxious inquiries respecting the disease under treatment.
7. Silent(sadness) peevishness and aversion to conversation. Patient dose not want anything, nor to speak, show no interest in the outside world.
8. Inability to endure noise or conversations.
9. Paucity of ideas and unfitness for intellectual labour."
                   - J. H. CLARKE; A dictionary of practical Materia Medica, Voll- III, Page no-(762-766), Reprint edition June 2005 by IBPP.

"10. Mental debility first; later physical.
11. Listless, impaired memory. Can't collect his thoughts or fiend the right word."
             - William Boericke; pocket manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica & Repertory, Page no-504, Reprint edition-2008, by B. Jain.

"12. Hysteria at change of life. Pining with emaciation."
               - Robin Murphy, Lotus Materia Medica, Page no-1341, Indian edition September 2002 by B. Jain.

"13. Answer either reluctantly and slowly, or short and incorrectly."
             - C. Hearing, Condensed Materia Medica, page no-771, Sixth Indian edition-1972 by M. B & co. Private Ltd.

"14. Apathetic; from unequal struggling with adverse circumstances, mental and physical.
15. Brain fag. Wants nothing and cares for nothing. Dullness when alone.
16. Ailments from disappointed of love & silent grief.
17. Sadness from masturbation."
              - Frans Vermeulen, Concordant Materia Medica, page no-750, IBPP-2001

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