Tuesday, June 4, 2013


WHEN the ecosystem become hazard the environmental life cycle of humans become break down.when pollution may occur in environment , first the micro organism become destroyed,so the ecosystem of microbes level become hazarded,for this reason the ecosystem chain become destroy with in a this way the human face following hazard-
a.Lack of friendly microbes in water ,soil and air.
b.Food adulteration.
c.Lack of nutrition of plant.
d.Malnutrition animal.
e.Rise temperature
f.Increase pathogenic organisms-which can make disease.
g.Increase the level of heavy metal in water,soil and air -like as lead,mercury,arsenic,carbon Di oxide  etc.
h.Mutation of some family of animals-like as some fish of revere.
i.Critical incurable disease of human may occur-like as cancer,malnutrition,dysentery,some communicable infectious disease.
j. Destroy the plant life so the environment become to hazard
so save the environment for save the human life.

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