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IT is a infection of the large colon caused by E histolytica.incubation period-2weeks to many years.

A.Chronic course with grambling abdominal pains and two ormore unformed stools a day.
B.Diarrhoea alternating with constipaionis common as is mucus,Sometime with streaks of blood,The stools often hav an offensive odour.
C.Tenderness alons the line of the colon,esp over the caecumand pelvic colon.
D.Acutebowel symptops with frequent motion and the passage of much blood and mucous.
E.Bacillary dysentry and ukcerative colitis occure particularly in the aged,in the purperium and with superadded pyogenic infection of the ulcers.
F.Abdomonal cramps,flatulence,fatigue and weight looss may occure.
Abdominal examination may show:
A Distention,hyperperistalsis and tenderness.
B. In chronic case the colon is thick and palpable in cecum and desendinh colon may occure.
C.With increasing severity,the patient may become prostrate and toxic with fever and have colic,tenesmus,vomiting ,generaliged abdominal tenderness,and non specific hepatomegaly with tenderness.
In localized ulceration:

A.Bloody stools with ulcer in rectal area.
B.Mild diaeehea and appendicitis withulcer in ceacum.
C.The masses may present as an irregular tumour with pain,obstructive symptoms and hemorrhage,inflammatory bowel disease,tuberculosis bowel,cacinoma and lympho granuloma venereum.
A.BACTERIA-Shigella dysenteriae.
B.PROTOZOA-Entamoeba histolytica.
In the history of the indian subcontinent when the modern medical support absent the anchient civilization become dependent on nature.They use natural herbs for protect disease.Some of them we use naturaly as a food in modern time.During any medical treatment when the patient use following food the physical recovary improve  rapidly.
1.Aegle marmelous(বেল) -raw  fruits

2.Allium cepa(পেয়াজ)- with food

3.Anacardium occidentale(কাজুবাদাম).-raw

4.Centella asiatica(থানকুনি).raw harb

5.Chenopodium album(বোথুয়া শাক).-aa a vegetable

6.Cicer ariatinum.(ছোলা)-raw grain

7.Corchorus capsularis(দেশি পাট).-as a vegetable

8.Cynodon dactylon.(দূর্বা ঘাস)-extract juice

9.Daucas carota(গাজর).-as a vegetable

10.Dioscorea peregrina.(গাব)-raw fruit

11.Elaeocarpus serratus.(জলপাই)-fruit & oil

12.Feronia limonia.(কদবেল)-fruits

13.Ficus racemosa(জজ্ঞে ডুমুর).-as a vegetable

14.Helianthus annuus.(সূর্য মূখী)-edible oil

15.Mangifera indica.(আম)-raw fruits

16.Musa paradisiaca.(বিচি কলা)-fruits

17.Nymphoea noochali(শাপলা).-as a vegetable

18.Ocimum americanum.(কালো তুলসি)-raw juice

19.Ocimum basilicum(বাবুই তুলসি).-raw juice

20.Paederia foetida.(গন্ধ  বাদালী)-boiled extract off  harb

21.Phyllanthas emblica(আমলকি)-raw fruit

22.Psidium guajava(পেয়ারা)-raw fruit

23.Ponica  granatum(ডালিম)-raw fruits

24.Streblus  asper(শেউড়া)

25.Syzygium   cumini(জাম)-fruit & seed

26.Terminalia bellirica(বহেড়া)-raw extract of dried fruits

27.Terminalia chebula(হরিতকি)-raw extract of dried fruits

28.Zingiber  officinale(আদা)-boield extract like as tea

*During medical procedure of this disease the above food give support for sufferer to rapid recovery.(ঔষধী চিকিৎসা চলা কালে উপরের খাদ্য ব্যবহার করলে রোগ দ্রূত অরোগ্য হয়)
*Trios immune booster for dysentery-a.terminalia  bellirica.(বহেড়া) b.termialia chebula.(হরিতকি) c.Phylanthas embilica(আমলকি);(dried fruits dissolve 12 hours in water and take the dissolved aquatic extract every morning empty I stomach.
*for protect epidemic attack of the disease-zigiber officinalis(আদা) is suitable . 

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